About Designed for Life

The Heart of Designed for Life Conference

Seventeen years ago, Heaven opened our eyes to see a glimpse of something MAGNIFICENT–women and girls of all ages and all walks of life, with varied backgrounds and history, GATHERING and uniting as one. JOINING hands and hearts, we are breaking the barriers of tradition, shattering the walls of ethnic, cultural and denominational divides. TOGETHER as a multifaceted, diverse and BEAUTIFUL SISTERHOOD, we’re ever-expanding, marching as one with a heaven-breathed purpose. Once again, thousands will gather to celebrate, encourage and strengthen one another…shining the grace, beauty, and LIGHT of Salvation to the world!

Fantastic Production

Spectacular and unforgettable production elements from beginning to end.

Inviting & Relaxing Atmosphere

We want you to feel welcomed and right at home!

Full of Surprises

Memorable gift-giving moments designed and planned just for you.

Sisterhood Stories

Be inspired as you read stories of how God is doing the miraculous in the lives of sisters all over the world. You are beautifully and wonderfully made to be a beacon of God’s goodness, and inspire the Sisterhood around you! Each one of us has a story, and God can transform your life no matter where you are.

Misty's Story

Designed for Life was a kiss straight from Heaven! I love every year, but the presence of God was so palpable and dense this year. Leading up to the conference, the Lord used me to help get girls connected with others that needed tickets! It was incredible! There were 12 ladies that were able to attend and experience the conference for the very first time! Praise God!

Judy's Story

I got to attend the Designed for Life Conference for the very first time and I must say, (and I don’t say this often) it was LIFE CHANGING. I did not come to the conference really expecting anything, but God brought so much freedom in my life that I really didn’t even realize was possible!

Erica's Story

My first DFL, I was a volunteer leader with a local domestic violence shelter where I worked for over four years. I can’t remember how or why I got involved – I just remember feeling compelled to get as many women as I could to go. I had never been to a women’s conference and hadn’t been to church for several years. But, I believe that through this conference, God was drawing me closer to Him. I completely surrendered to letting go and letting God. My mountains of being a single parent, struggling finances and all the other parts of parenthood were minimal in the eyes of God! My walk of faith was influenced and defined by the messages that all the fabulous speakers have spoken into my life! I’m looking forward to next year already!

Candi's Story

I drove up from Texas to attend the Designed for Life Conference and it was incredible! It has helped in many ways allow God to unlock the deep sadness I have been experiencing in my soul. I want to thank you for all the work and expense that went into making the conference life-changing for so many of us!

Conference Memories

Join us as we look back on all the incredible things God has done at the conference in the past few years!

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