Chelsea’s Story

DFL Delegate

“I am constantly in awe of God’s amazing grace — how He can take the shattered pieces of a broken life and make them whole. You see, He did that for me.

My name is Chelsea, and I am honored to personally represent God’s goodness and grace in the pages of the Designed for Life 2016 brochure… because I am a miracle!

I was not raised in a home where God’s love was demonstrated. In fact, it was just the opposite. I grew up without a mother and father and bounced around from home to home, basically homeless. I was the product of drug abuse and prostitution. From birth, I was surrounded by an unending cycle of sin and neglect. I was abused, unloved, and physically and emotionally starved throughout my entire childhood – manipulated to believe that I was worth nothing and that there was no hope for a future any different than what I saw.

When I was in second grade, I was taken to a church where I heard about Jesus. Whenever I was allowed to, I wanted to go back to hear more about His love for me. Somehow, with simple childlike faith, I asked Him to be my Savior, and with my tiny, believing heart, began to cry out for Him to rescue my life. Even as a child, I could feel His presence encouraging and giving me faith to believe that He was going to do just that.

At the age of 12, I lived with my mentally unstable and abusive aunt in Ohio. Tired of dealing with me, she put me on a bus bound for Springfield, Missouri to live with a sister I didn’t even know existed.

It did not work out, as my sister was an alcoholic mother going through a divorce. She put me out on the street with nowhere to live, and I ended up being placed in foster care. But God was still working – He had heard the cry of my heart. The foster home I was placed in was a gift from heaven and an answer to my prayers. My new family, who adopted me as their own, loved God and displayed His love to me unconditionally, in ways I had never seen or known to be possible.

As a child, I would notice other girls being loved and cared for by their moms and desperately longed for what I saw in them. And now, I have that too! Not only that, God has completely healed my broken life. I am now married to a wonderful, godly man with two beautiful little girls of my own. He has redeemed my life, set me free from my past, and given me a brand new life in Him. That is why I say it is a miracle that I am telling you my story and that you see my picture in front of you. I have been set free from sin, shame, and the feelings of worthlessness. I am a different person. My life and history have been reclaimed by my Heavenly Father. I am a precious and dearly loved daughter to Him. He has not only set me free and given me a beautiful family of my own – He has surrounded me with the joy of being a part of a sisterhood that is drawing me closer and closer to Him.

So, it is my hope that my story will speak to your heart – and remind you that God can take the life of any girl, even one that seems shattered in a thousand pieces, and make it whole and beautiful by His amazing grace and love!”