Memories from DFL 2016



“Don’t be just a spectator on the side but lean into the sisterhood God has for you.”

– Debbie Lindell

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Fantastic Production
Spectacular and unforgettable production elements from beginning to end.

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Inviting and Relaxing Atmosphere
We want you to feel welcomed and right at home!

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Full of Surprises
Memorable gift-giving moments designed and planned just for you.


Lifting up the name of Jesus and leaning in
to hear heaven whisper to our hearts.

What Girls Are Saying About Designed For Life

"My view of myself was distorted by insecurity and fear. I want to encourage you... don't let any insecurity keep you from experiencing all God has for you. Come as you are, just like me, and be welcomed into the Designed for Life Sisterhood and into the loving arms of your Heavenly Father!"


DFL Delegate

“On the last day of the [DFL] conference, all of a sudden, it was as though I could see clearly for the first time in my life. Right there, in that auditorium, I realized the key to changing my life was believing what I was hearing — that God loved me just the way I was — I didn’t have to change or fix myself to be loved by Him.”


First-Time DFL Delegate

“God has not only set me free and given me a beautiful family of my own – He has surrounded me with the joy of being a part of a sisterhood that is drawing me closer and closer to Him.”


DFL Delegate