Debbie Lindell

Conference Host

Debbie is passionate about life and serving God with all her heart! She loves leading and pastoring alongside her husband, John, of 32 years. Her heart’s desire is to build the church and teach people to understand God’s love for them and His amazing plan for their lives. Read a special message from Debbie:
“One of the most beautiful and inviting aspects of the Designed for Life Sisterhood is that it is made up of everyday, down-to-earth girls just like you and me. It is made up of girls who have embraced the truth about who they are created to be, their unique design, and their incredible worth and value to God as well as those He has positioned around them.
This ever-expanding Sisterhood is multifaceted – consisting of women of all ages and from every season and walk of life: Daughters, sisters, moms and grandmas; homebodies, students, and adventurers; career-focused, outgoing, reserved or somewhere in-between. It represents friendship and connection, sharing life together, believing in each other, and joining hands and cheering on the uniqueness and strengths of one another.
The Sisterhood embodies the beauty and blessing of being a part of God’s feminine creation and laughter, compassion, tears, grace, and freedom! Each girl understanding that no matter where she is in life’s journey, she belongs—and that this flourishing Sisterhood movement would not be the same without her beautiful life connected to it!
I want to personally invite you to come and be a part of it—because you
are Designed for Life!”

Debbie Lindell xo!