The Project

A21’s mission is simple—to abolish slavery everywhere, forever. Millions of women, men and children are exploited through human trafficking and A21 seeks to reach, rescue and restore these victims and bring them the hope of freedom.

How To Help


Pray for the national and international efforts to stop human trafficking and rescue children, young girls and women caught in the web of sexual slavery. Pray for their predators and that God will break the chains of bondage. Also pray for A21’s Walk for Freedom as they raise awareness to the darkness of slavery. To find out more information or to find a walk near you, visit www.a21.org.


This month, your Project 12 donation will go towards abolishing slavery on a global level.

Learn More About A21

If you would like more information about A21, their fight against modern-day slavery or their annual Walk for Freedom, you can visit a21.org.
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