May Project

Cherish Kids


The Project

Cherish Kids was founded on the belief that every child is a gift from God and deserves to be cared for and cherished. This ministry endeavors to improve the quality of life for children who find themselves displaced or orphaned and collaborating with government and adoption agencies to make a difference in the lives of these children. They are committed to the mission of raising awareness of the needs of children in crisis, providing resources to families and individuals who desire to help, and offering support to children in crisis and families in their effort to foster and adopt.

How To Help


Pray for displaced and orphaned children in your community and around the world. Pray that no child would be without a home and that every child would feel the love and support from a family.


This month, your Project 12 donation will support Cherish Kids as they raise awareness of the orphan crisis, provide resource to those who desire to help and offer support to those pursuing the calling of fostering and adoption.

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