The Need

Every year, hundreds of women in our church and DFL family face difficult life challenges that leave them feeling hopeless, lonely and in significant need. The burden that weighs on the hearts and minds of girls who are supporting a family member incarcerated, caring for a family member in an extended health care situation, or facing their own personal health/emotional crisis can be daunting. Who will pray with them? Who will listen?

The Project

Sisterhood Cares is a community ministry that supports women facing personal life challenge – with sisterhood connection, prayer and encouragement. Along with a personal prayer mentor, each person being cared for receives a beautiful sisterhood gift to comfort and strengthen their faith.

Candice’s Story

I will never forget February 4th, 2015, the day a biopsy led to my diagnosis of Stage ll, triple negative, invasive ductal carcinoma, BRCA Gene 2 positive breast cancer.  I was 42 and a single mother of two awesome young boys. I had a career I was very passionate about, and living a very busy life. This kind of thing was not supposed to happen to someone like me.

My very busy life came to a complete halt, taken over by numerous appointments, blood work, scans, bi-lateral mastectomy, six rounds of chemotherapy, 33 rounds of radiation, eight surgeries and a clinical study trial.

During this time, I was truly blessed by God to be connected with the Sisterhood Cares Team, referred to me by a family friend. Immediately, I was showered with prayers and thoughtful messages, as well as a beautiful care package filled with thoughtful gifts that would comfort me through my treatments and surgeries. I have never been through something that made me so desperately seek and crave prayer. The women with Sisterhood Cares were amazing at giving me hope and strength, and that brought me so much closer to God. I could feel the prayers being answered, and the peace of mind that came over me was indescribable! There were many women on the Sisterhood Cares Team who were going through or had gone through the exact same thing as me, so we would also pray for each other and share our favorite Bible verses.

I am so thankful that I was connected with Sisterhood Cares! Through my entire cancer journey, I never felt alone, which gave me the strength to stay positive. It sounds strange to say that such a horrible disease like cancer could ever be a positive thing to happen, but, without it, I would have never met this amazing group of ladies. God listens to us and He is so wonderful!

How To Help


Pray for your DFL sisters and those in your church family who are experiencing emotional, physical, and family crisis. Pray for God’s supernatural healing, peace for their anxious thoughts and that fresh faith would fill their heart.


$12 per month/$144 annually can help supply 6 Sisterhood Cares care packages filled with sweet goodies, a soft blanket, encouraging resources and a personal note or 6 hearty meals for families facing crisis.

We would love to pray for you.

If you are walking through a crisis, the Sisterhood Cares Team would love to pray for you. Email the prayer team at [email protected]
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