The Need

  • Women are among the most marginalized and wounded people in Africa
  • Many of these women are victims of sex trafficking and HIV+
  • Their greatest fear is that their children will soon be among the countless orphans in Africa
  • Their key needs include: housing, healthcare support, employment and education for their children

The Project

Since 1994, Watoto has enabled thousands of disadvantaged children and adults to regain control of their lives and to realize their potential. The goal of Watoto is to provide vulnerable women and children in Africa with holistic care and to impact communities in the process through physical care, medical intervention including HIV/AIDS treatment, education – formal and vocational, counseling and emotional well-being as well as moral and spiritual discipleship.

Vivian’s Story

How To Help


Pray for the orphaned women and children in need (including kidnapped child soldiers) in Uganda. Pray for the team and the efforts of the Watoto ministry in providing medical care, education, discipleship and that God will provide for them. Pray for Watoto’s efforts to empower and raise up the vulnerable women of Uganda as they meet their essential and spiritual needs.


This month, your Project 12 donation will support the Watoto ministry in its efforts to rescue, raise and restore lives in Uganda.

$12 per month/$144 annually can help Watoto embrace vulnerable women by contributing to two basic needs packages that include a mattress, blanket, toiletries, a basin and charcoal stove, and utensils.

Learn More About Watoto

If you would like to find out more about Watoto and how they help rescue, raise and rebuild lives in Uganda, visit watoto.com.
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