An Important Update from Ps Debbie…

Designed for Life 2020 – THE PATH LEADS HOME (literally!!!)

Who could have imagined these unexpected days that we are walking through. If you are like me, you have experienced a variety of emotions during this season of challenge and change.
Yet, in all these things – GOD HAS NOT CHANGED!

And, actually He is going ahead of us, preparing the way – and that thought, for me, has been especially encouraging as I have processed Designed for Life 2020.

Last August, as I was praying about the theme for the conference this year, I sensed God whispering to my heart… “The Path Leads Home”. I love those words, as they seem so beautiful and appropriate for this season, but at the time, I was unsure of all they would mean.

Yet now, it is obvious that God was preparing us for the future. He knew even then what we would all be experiencing today. With that in mind, due to the ever-changing COVID-19 situation across our nation and the world, we have made the decision to move the conference to an online experience.

How amazing is it to think that from the moment I began to dream and pray about DFL 2020, God knew that we would be sharing this year’s conference at home.

So dear girl, get ready for DESIGNED FOR LIFE 2020 – THE PATH LEADS HOME, a spectacular online experience! I am believing that more girls than ever are going to be a part – and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do!

Love you much,

Designed for Life 2020

A Spectacular Online Experience

Conference One

October 8-9

Conference Two

October 15-16

The Kingdom of Heaven is now your home.

Ephesians 2 MSG

What to Expect

The Week Prior to Opening Night Celebration

Conference at Home Online Pass

Every delegate will be emailed a Conference at Home Online Pass

Conference Gift Box

Delegates with a paid registration will receive a Conference Gift Box in the mail – filled with surprises!

Conference Experience

Breakout Sessions

With LIVE Interaction and Q&A

Sisterhood Connection

With an online DFL host

Online DFL Boutique

with loads of adorable apparel

And as always – FUN SURPRISES

(that are top secret)!

Conference Details

Conference Weekends

Conference 1 and Conference 2 weekends are the same as originally scheduled. (session times adjusted)

DFL Online Experience

The DFL online experience will include the Opening Night Celebration, Production and Worship, all of our guest speakers, as well as special breakout sessions and LIVE online interaction and connection.

Conference Schedule

Thursday Night at 7pm

6pm | Sisterhood Connection

7pm | Conference Opening Celebration


8:30am | Sisterhood Connection

9am–12pm | Morning Sessions


12:30pm–2pm | Afternoon Sessions

Friday Night

6:30pm | Sisterhood Connection

7pm | Conference Finale

Breakout Sessions

Heaven in Your House

Creating an Atmosphere of Peace in Your Home

Navigating Life Together

An Inside View of Dating and Marriage

Single and Secure

A Candid Conversation with Everyday Girls

Side-By-Side Sisterhood

Standing Together in a Divided Culture

A Heart At Rest

The Keys to Mental & Emotional Health in an Unsettled World

Wait ‘Til You Hear This

Stories That Will Give You Faith for Your Journey

Special Guests

Debbie Lindell

Conference Host

Follow Debbie

DawnCheré Wilkerson

Follow DawnCheré

Robert & Taylor Madu

Follow Robert

Follow Taylor

Havilah Cunnington

Follow Havilah

Surprise Guests

Darlene Zschech

Follow Darlene

Nancy Alcorn

Follow Nancy

Oneka McClellan

Follow Oneka

You’ve gone into my future to prepare the way, and in kindness, you protect me from my past. Wherever I go your hand will be my guide. Your strength will empower me to stay on the right path.

PS 139:5-10 PARA

Conference 1

JQH Arena

October 11-13, 2018

Conference 2

James River Church

October 18-20, 2018

At Capacity

Register Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Conference Experience
Why is the conference being hosted online?
Due to the COVID-19 restrictions currently in place (which are predicted to severely impact occupancy at our venues in the fall), we have had to make adjustments and move to an online, CONFERENCE AT HOME experience.
What are some things I can do to connect with the Sisterhood while I’m watching?
We would love to connect you with some of the girls in the Sisterhood! Connection during the conference will be available during breakout sessions, in the live chats, and by connecting with us via social media on Facebook and Instagram.
What if I don’t have internet access or need help with the technology involved?
CONFERENCE AT HOME is designed to be experienced online which would require internet access and a compatible device. If you do not have access to the internet, we would recommend that you share the conference with a friend who has internet access!
Can I gather a group of girls at my house to watch the conference with me?
That is a great idea! We highly encourage girls to gather in homes or churches to view the conference together!
Are translation and interpretation services available?
Closed captioning will be available across all services.
Should I change my travel plans?
The decision to change your travel plans is up to you, but we will not be hosting an in-person conference this year. There are many girls who are planning on gathering at homes and hotels for a Designed for Life Sisterhood Party
What is the Conference schedule?

Thursday Night at 7pm
Conference Begins with Opening Celebration

Friday 9am – 3pm

Day Sessions

Friday Night at 7pm
Conference Finale

*A detailed schedule will be coming soon!

Is Designed for Life 2020 still happening?
Yes! get ready for the most exciting, fun, and life-changing DESIGNED FOR LIFE 2020 – CONFERENCE AT HOME experience ever! Due to the COVID-19 restrictions currently in place (which are predicted to severely impact occupancy at our venues in the fall) we have had to make adjustments and move to an online, CONFERENCE AT HOME experience.
Once I register, how do I access the conference?
Once you have completed your registration, you will be emailed an Online Pass, which is your ticket to view the conference online.
What is an Online Pass?
An Online Pass is a personalized, exclusive link for you to view the conference online from your home!
Can an Online Pass be shared?
Your Online Pass is one-use and cannot be shared with friends. Delegates who registered prior to June 18, 2020, will receive 4 additional one-use Online Passes to share with friends for free!
What does my registration include?
  • Your registration will include an Online Pass to view all conference sessions, breakout sessions, prayer and worship moments, and more. The conference will be available to view on demand for up to 30 days after the conference ends. You will also receive a Conference Gift Box full of surprises, gifts, conference essentials, and more!
  • Delegates who registered prior to June 18, 2020 will have the option to log in to both Conference weekends and will receive 4 Online Passes to share with friends for free!
What is the refund policy?

Due to COVID-19, refunds and transfers were extended from January 15th until July 15th – but the deadline has now passed.

  • You are welcome to re-sell your conference registration at your own discretion. Please note the Designed for Life Conference is not liable for losses incurred due to unauthorized transfers, resales, cancellations, and/or refunds.
  • You are welcome to donate your registration to bless a girl who is a part of our Project 12 Outreach. To do so, feel free to contact the Registration Office at (417) 581-8636 and we can assist you with making that happen.
Are group rates available?
Yes – group rates are available for groups of 15 or more! You can register your group here.