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Debbie Lindell

Conference Host

Pastor Debbie leads with an enthusiastic love for life, for people, and for the Church. One of her greatest desires as a leader is to see women of all ages come to believe what God’s Word says about them and to fully embrace who they were created to be. This flourishing Designed Sisterhood that she is positioned to lead reflects the passion of her heart – encompassing women from all around the world who celebrate one another through a life-giving and authentic connection. And if she were standing beside you right now – she would embrace you and say “Welcome to the sisterhood – you belong here!”

Lisa Harper

Special Guest

This girl is no stranger to the Sisterhood and you are just going to love how she absolutely brings the Bible to life with her down-to-earth personality and enthusiastic approach to teaching. As a Bible scholar, speaker and author, Lisa travels the world sharing the love of Jesus, but she describes her greatest accomplishment to date as becoming Missy’s mama. After a long adoption journey, Lisa was finally able to bring Missy home from Haiti in 2014—and she hasn’t stopped grinning since!
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Ruth Nordström

Special Guest

Ruth is the chief lawyer of the Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers, an organization based on Christian values and ethics, where she specializes in Human Rights law. She and her team work diligently to promote human rights and freedoms in Northern Europe.

Oneka Mcclellan

Special Guest

Oneka McClellan’s dynamic personality, creative vision, prophetic gift and compassion for the ‘one’ has propelled countless lives, marriages, teams and churches into their God-given destiny. She, alongside her husband Earl, launched and has led Shoreline City Church for six years with campuses in Dallas and Antigua, Guatemala. Behind the scenes, she can be found loving her three kids – Parker, Grayson and Elle – and cheering on her husband of over twenty years.

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Julia Veach

Special Guest

Julia Veach, along with her husband Chad are the Lead Pastors of Zoe Church in Los Angeles, California. Though both her and Chad’s influence have grown over the years, it’s their daughter Georgia’s story that has captured the attention of the world. Since she was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder in 2012. Julia now leads the women’s movement HER within the Zoe Church community and often travels to speak. Julia and Chad have four beautiful children: Georgia, Winston, Maverick, and Clive.